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Need for an S&OP solution in Auto Component Industry

Companies plan to use basic forecasts established by the large auto manufacturers, yet they have to respond when the manufacturers make demand changes to support their schedule changes.

The business line is completely driven by orders received from Customers. Our tool comes in handy when allocating demand to multiple available manufacturing facilities basis the available capacity. The scope is further extended to Advanced Production Planning and Scheduling for individual facilities wherein Material Planning can be looked at, capacity utilization can be achieved, and Container/Dispatch can be planned in line with the tentative production plan.     

Indus Momentus has incorporated several  features for Auto Components S&OP

Additional Resources

Schedule is generated basis the availability of critical add-ons to the process. Eg: Fixtures, tooling, etc.

Dynamic order priority

Flexibility to reschedule work order release basis changing priority of Sales Orders aligns production with customer satisfaction.

Vendor Planning

Vendor capacity is looked at when generating the schedule which further ensures optimum resource utilization.

Parallel SFG Planning

In case of a multi component product, an optimum component schedule avoids unnecessary inventory build-up at assembly

Tool Life 

Tool Life for critical tools can be passed to the tool as an input. This assures a realistic plan and provides for tool procurement.


Containers can be planned basis the Production Plan by employing stacking logic. An extra layer of pallet planning can also be added to the Container Plan thus improving readiness.

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