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Need for an S&OP solution in Consumer Durables

Complexities from frequent additions in products and services, competitive market landscape, requirement to improve return on net assets call for a comprehensive S&OP solution.

The business line is generally MTS in nature with sporadic MTO orders with predefined supply placement efficiencies. These dynamics call for the need of an integrated S&OP tool to effectively plan the Demand as well as the Supply within stringent timelines, with the flexibility to account for un-forecasted orders.

Additionally, the business may deal with various external parties (eg vendors) on a large scale. Transactions with external parties are generally not available on a digitized platform, thus suggesting a void that cannot be filled with an ERP system and indicating the necessity to have a platform capable enough to capture, track and store data related to these parties. The data captured in these platforms can further be integrated with the ERP to bridge the data gaps

Indus Momentus has incorporated several  features for Consumer Durables S&OP

Best Fit Statistical Forecast

Best fit statistical forecast basis the previous trends and seasonality captured in the Sales History

Sales History Mapping

Sales History of product can be mapped to newer versions of the product

Inputs from Sales & Marketing Team

Inputs from various teams involved in Sales to fortify the Forecast by capturing Promotions and Targets.

Accounting for MTO requirement

Apart from the Demand Plan, MTO requirement can be captured in the tool thus facilitating Supply Planning

Allocation in line with MPQ 

Demand for all the depots is allocated to the available plants basis the MPQ and Pan India demand.

Safety Time

The generated supply plan is in line with the Safety Time at all the depots, thus aiding the organisation to plan for the future requirement

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