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Need for S&OP solution in Cements Industry

Multi Echelon supply chain structure of the cements industry calls for S&OP solutions leveraging advanced optimizations

In a Multi Plant - Multi Warehouse situation like that in cements industry, Allocation Plan is key to ensure that the Supply Chain is optimally utilized.

Output would be Allocation Plan at an Aggregate level for each Plant, Allocation to Each Warehouse from the Plants with Logistics Route mode choices, Allocation for each Market and logistics plan from Plant or Warehouse.

Ability to plan Plant-Logistic capacity taking into account market/plant/mode constraints , Understanding of cost of constraints, Sensitivity analysis with respect to sales prices, demands. Variance reports which compares Optimal Plan with Actual performance, allows greater visibility on areas of deviance and hence improvement.

Indus Momentus has incorporated critical planning features for Cements S&OP

Aggregate Supply Chain Planning

This planning activity focuses on the key area of contribution maximization taking into account key parameters of logistics cost, production costs, taxation, demand, supply and mode constraints. Hence this is usually the first planning activity undertaken 

Yard Planning - Delivery Order

Assist the transporter allocate the trucks to different locations through bunching of supply orders and mapping it to the suitable truck/trucks to prioritise/automate/improve capacity utilisation

Yard Planning - Truck Sequencing

Assist the truck drivers as well as the plant packing units to streamline operations by creating a real time sequence of trucks and their allocated packing bays and the likely timing of the activity

Demand Planning

The above planning activity is important as it is the input to one of the key constraints, namely demand constraint for allocation planning. In case of cement, demand planning needs to be customised to take into account macroeconomic indicators apart from time series analysis 

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