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Need for Route Optimization solution in Logistics Industry

Logistics / Transportation is a significant cost component and affects competitiveness and service levels closely

There is a significant challenge in planning of activities to maintain / improve promises made to customers while improving operational and cost efficiency. This is often accompanied by the necessity to keep the organisation’s fleet capacity in check and expand the same in line with future requirement.    

Route Optimization enables improvement in operations and savings

Loading basis bi-UOM threshold

While stacking the load in a vehicle, two UOMs can be looked at for threshold capacity

Order prioritization logic

Orders are prioritized basis various factors such as distance, time, access and weight.

Order – Vehicle attributes

Adheres to the constraint in case an order must be scheduled on a vehicle having/not having certain attributes

Order Delivery Window

The tool abides by the delivery time window constraint, if any.


Order delivery and collection can be scheduled in the same Route.

Driver shifts

Vehicle fleet can be linked to driver shifts thus generating a realistic plan.

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