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Need for an S&OP solution in Pharma

Long lead times, capacity constraints, increasing top line challenges, diverese GTM strategies, extensive expenditures in R&D call for solutions that improve operational efficiencies.  

The process of globalization will continue to lead to the opening of additional markets, each of which must be addressed and served according to its specific demands. Further, the number of drugs will continue to increase in coming years, as will the complexity of supply chains. 

Conflicts between internal targets to increase machine utilization and external targets like maintaining high customer service levels call for an integrated and functional S&OP solution. Sudden increase in demand or decrease in available material, yield or cycle time variation, sequence dependence in set ups are some of the many challenges that need to be addressed to be able to adapt to the needs of the market.  

Indus Momentus has incorporated several planning features for Pharma S&OP

By Products

Typically in an API scenario the chemical reaction creates by products that can be reused

Shelf Life Planning

Depending on the market services, raw materials with different shelf life can be optimally utilized

Sequence Dependent Set Up Times

Set up times can be different depending on the sequence generated dynamically during scheduling

Campaign Management

Most pharma companies use campaigns for manufacturing different drugs

Quality Control Lead TIme 

QC (incoming / WIP / Outgoing) is an important step that needs to be considered for planning

Planning At SFG Level

Planning at SFG level is critical since same drug is incrementally processed, tested and packed to different markets

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