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Production Planning & Scheduling


Production Planning is concerned with matching capacities and materials over a short term horizon (1-4 weeks), so as to ensure that orders are satisfied in the best possible way; order fulfilment, capacity utilisation and inventory control form the basis for such production planning.

Production Scheduling on the other hand, schedules the different work orders on different resources for a shift or a day. 

Production Planning and Scheduling ensures effective usage of existing resources, given a specific medium term plan, a specific demand / supply situation and the production capacity availability on a day to day basis.

Demand in the form of customer orders, supply constraints around sourcing the required raw materials, as well as capacity of the production line, need to be balanced to create an optimal production plan. Short Term Production Planning creates a day-wise schedule, taking into account all of these factors. 


Our solution enables optimal planning decisions by determining how to allocate constrained material and shared capacity across different customer segments and products.

It enables the maintenance of inventory levels based on customer satisfaction, demand variability and supply variability.

Our solution provides the ability to optimize raw materials from suppliers and determine quantities based on real time capacity constraints and inventory.

This leads to greater visibility and flexibility in production planning enabling companies to meet due date commitments to customers on when products can be delivered.

It also ensures optimal scheduling of capacity resources, thereby efficiently maximizing plant utilization.

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