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Sales and Operations Planning


Sales and Operations Planning (ISOP) plays a critical role in creating an error-free and nimble supply chain by bringing together multiple functions like Procurement, Sales, Manufacturing and Logistics with the Finance and Corporate Functions to understand the impact of the overall operational plan.

Not only this, the S&OP process involves all the levels in an organisation from the tactical lower management staff to the strategic senior management to the hybrid middle management. Continuous reviewing and re-planning ensure that short term and tactical plans are in sync with long term business goals.

A sophisticated S&OP process has the following 3 enabling constructs

1. Collaboration – The S&OP technology platform brings together people from different functions as well as suppliers and customers, providing them with a common basis for interaction. Shared data and plans enable them to work together to resolve issues and ensure all parties have a common view of the way forward.

2. Workflow –S&OP workflows ensure that the sequence of activities in any S&OP process take place in the correct order, involving the right department and people. They bring discipline and efficiency to the S&OP process, while taking away the logistical difficulties of collaboration.

3. Data Analytics and Decision Support Systems– S&OP tools maintain a common dataset and plans across functions, facilitating both analysis of past and present data as well as modelling the impact of changes on the supply chain to aid decision making.


Our solution has been designed to cater to the clear need for a specialised planning tool that can integrate data from multiple sources and allow managers from sales, operations and finance to create and manage a unified operational plan.

Our solution enables the manufacturing firms to bridge the gap between manufacturing and sales by significantly increasing the quality of communication.

Our solution provides linkage of the business plan with the operational plan and drives continuous improvement by means of reduced inventories, increased forecast accuracy, improved lead times and increased constraint visibility.

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