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Expertise. Experience. Technology.

We focus on the enabling the Sales and operations process via technology. We not only provide an integrated solution for S&OP, but also provide stand-alone modules for individual planning processes such as Production planning and scheduling, Demand planning, Replenishment planning, Vehicle routing etc. Our functionally effective point solutions automate manual/simple spreadsheet based applications and thereby improve efficiency and accountability for our clients.

We understand Operational Realities

Our team comprises of people with a strong academic background as well as rich experience in devising technology based solutions for supply chain processes. This enables us to grasp the Business Processes and Business Rules in the Supply Chain and Operations Domain very quickly and comprehensively.

We translate Operational Realities to Operational Requirements

Our team will work with you to translate the Business Rules and Business Processes in the Sales and Operations domain into specific Functional requirements.

We devise appropriate Information Solutions for your Sales and Operations processes

We have expertise in putting together information solutions in the domains of Decision Support, Analytics using package solutions from our partners for creating bespoke solutions.

Indus Momentus Business Solutions
105, The Central, Shell Colony Road
Near Chembur Station
Chembur (East), Mumbai – 400071

Phone: +91- 9821059033 / 9769957283

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