Indus Momentus Business Solutions (IMBS) is an Operations Analytics and Solutions Service Integrator which offers Business Analytics Tools and Solutions in the domain of DSS, Analytics and MIS specifically focusing on the Operational and Supply Chain elements of a Client’s Business.

We focus on the technology enablement of the Sales and Operations process. We started out as an Operations Analytics and Solutions Service Integrator, offering Business Analytics tools and solutions in Production and Supply Chain. Since then, our service offering has grown organically and now spans the entire spectrum of the Sales and Operations process.

IMBS has been created to leverate the potential of myriad of point solutions ranging from proprietary solutions to open source applications that can be applied in business situations to solve specific localized information related requirements in a cost effective manner.

IMBS has strategic partnerships and in some cases financial interest in product companies that provide point applications, namely IGSA Labs in the domain of Linear Programming based Optimisation, Planvisage in the domain of Scheduling and Heuristic based Optimisation. In addition, IMBS is also planning to develop products that would assist in filling the gaps in the offering in the Operations Management domain and/or create Industry specific tools/analytics.

Through the above approach, IMBS aims to create expertise in the area of cost effective Operational Tools and Operational Analytics and spur usage of an entire gamut of such Tools and Analytics that would assist Clients in taking more informed decisions, analyse their operational performance and use them to improve the efficiency of their operations.