Vehicle Routing

Vehicle Routing involves determining the optimal routes that vehicles can take to reach their destinations e.g. from factories to retail depots or warehouses. This involves the usage of algorithms to determine efficient routes taking into account order volumes, constraints such as time windows, vehicle requirements, etc. It is useful for daily route scheduling and optimisation, strategic transport and planning, and real time fleet management for a variety of businesses and operations in various sectors.


Our solution integrates with Route Optimiser, a web-based vehicle planning and optimising service that enables you to manage fleets, depots, drivers and deliveries with no upfront costs. Route Optimiser provides efficient routing that leads to reduced costs, lower fuel consumption and better customer service with on-time deliveries. The tremendous flexibility of the system makes it ideal for planning day-to-day multi-drop or trunking routes, producing detailed quotations or assessing alternative logistics strategy.

Client Examples

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